Zero Waste Initiative

Learn more about our commitment to the 5R's (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle) of zero waste and building a more sustainable community.

We compost everything


Every scrap of our produce, if it's not used as a garnish, is composted using a Mill. What's a Mill?

The Mill is a smart kitchen bin that turns them into usable food grounds. We send the ground back to Mill, where they process them into chicken feed and disperse them to farms. How cool is that?

Here for a good time, not for a long time!™

We convert leftover produce into garnishes


Many of our ingredients are not only used in in our mixers, but on our mixers as garnishes!

The rim on our Spicy Watermelon Margarita is fashioned from leftover watermelon meat that we dehydrate and ground into a deliciously dust, sans sugar of course. Excess fennel hearts are dried and adorn our Fennel and Green Apple Gimlet. Surplus parsnip are dried in strips and used as a garnish in our Gingersnip. Citrus never goes to waste in our kitchen! Lemons, limes, and oranges are dehydrated, packaged and sold to customers. Waste not, want not!

We use circular packaging


Circular packaging materials follow the principles of the circular economy. Instead of the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ linear model used in commerce, these materials are designed to be either reused, repurposed, or disposed of in
a responsible way that has a lower impact on the planet. This avoids single-use packaging that’s sent to landfill.

All of the products we use are made from either compostable (drinkware), recyclable (packaging), or reusable (glass mixer bottles) materials. 

We use reusable glass bottles


The list of benefits for using glass is long and include:

Nonporous and impermeable
Glass does not absorb flavors or smells. This makes it perfect for sensitive products.

Almost zero rate of chemical interactions
This ensures that the product inside keeps its efficacy, taste, aroma, and flavor longer.

Made from natural materials
Glass is manufactured using sand, soda ash, and limestone taken from the earth.

100% recyclable - infinitely
Made with portion of recycled material in, glass is an environmentally friendly option.
Glass can always be crushed down and reused in new glass products. Most glass manufacturing companies have a minimum of recyclable material to help make positive environmental impact and keep costs down.

We freeze excess product


Unlike restaurants and bars that are forced to discard certain perishable foods after a certain date, we are able to flash freeze excess mixers.

Flash freezing locks all nutritional value of juice, preserving nutrients, minerals, and enzymes—think of it like a nutritional time capsule. The key is freezing these juices immediately because the longer they sit out, the more nutrient loss they experience.

What do we do with them? We give them to employees, give them away as samples, or sell them at a discount to clients who want to keep their freezer stocked with Conscious Cocktails for the impromptu happy hour!