How long are the mixers good for?

All of our mixes are fresh pressed, so the optimal timeframe for consumption is 3-5 days. However, they are perfectly fine for up to 7 days. 

Why do my mixers turn brown?

Some of the mixes contains ingredients, such as apples, that brown very quickly. This is natural and does not mean the mixes are bad. 

Why do they taste different from order to order?

Because our mixes are fresh pressed and utilize local ingredients, many factors can impact the flavor, such as time of year, farm, at what point in the ripening process the fruit was juice, etc. We work hard to ensure as much consistency as possible from batch to batch.

Why do you require 24 hour advance purchasing?

Being able to properly and accurately purchase produce based on demand allows us to reduce waste, and in turn, allows us to pass those savings onto you, our customers, and keep our pricing as low as possible. If you are inside the 24 hour timeframe, we may be able to whip up an order for you. Simple text us at (310) 634-0551 to inquire.